We develop grant management systems for grant recipients
Simple, innovative and affordable solutions designed to address the core causes of
the many challenges faced by grant-funded organizations
What is GrantNavigator?

GrantNavigator is an affordable, web-based, grant-focused project management solution structured to support the full grant life cycle, with configuration options to map the system to the unique policies, procedures, documentation needs and process flows of each grant recipient.

Why a Grant Management System?

Grant funds can typically represent up to 20% of an organization's annual budget - and significantly more for many recipients. Yet most recipients manage millions, even billions in funding, by betting on the use of spreadsheets, home-grown databases and sticky notes. In an increasingly competitive market with severe penalties for any lack of compliance, this can be an extremely costly gamble.

Is GrantNavigator Right for Us?

GrantNavigator was built for grant recipients — state & local governments, non-profits, school districts, community colleges & universities — seeking a cost-effective solution to operational and compliance challenges. If you’re wondering if the system is right for you...

Will GrantNavigator Fit Our Budget?

We have positioned GrantNavigator to be the most cost-effective solution on the market. So for most budgets the short answer is “most likely, yes”. But, depending upon your situation, a better answer may be “it won’t have to”. Many of our clients are taking advantage of our pricing strategy and paying for the system using grant dollars and avoiding any impact to their general fund.